More than Your Typical Family Law Firm
Solving Complex Problems
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More than Your Typical Family Law Firm
S t a b i l i t y When it Feels
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More than Your Typical Family Law Firm
We are the gold standard in
C u t t i n g T i e s effectively.

much more than your typical family

law firm

law firm

Family is the most important part of your life. But unfortunately, situations and circumstances can arise that make it difficult to find the path forward. It can feel incredibly isolating and overwhelming, leaving you feeling like you don’t know what comes next or where to turn. 

At Zivitz Law Group, we understand the challenges you are facing. We help our clients solve these problems with respect, sensitivity, compassion, and discretion. We believe in providing the white-glove service you would traditionally expect from your lawyer, coupled with the benefits of the latest legal technology. The end result is top-tier legal representation that delivers results quickly and cost-effectively.

family law is all we do!

Unlike some firms that dabble in family law or have it as a separate, stand-alone practice intended to complement other areas that receive the bulk of their focus, ZLG is 100% focused on family law.  We have the depth of experience to address a wide range of family law issues, including divorce, adoption, guardianships, child support, and pre/post-nuptial agreements.

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Legal issues related to your family can create a great deal of stress and anxiety. At Zivitz Law Group, we are always here for our clients. We will work with you side-by-side until your issue is fully resolved.
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everything you need and nothing you don't

At Zivitz Law Group, we’ve streamlined our entire practice by removing anything that needlessly adds to our clients’ costs. Our focus is on providing the best possible service to our clients. We believe that technology should enhance, not replace, our service to our clients. As a result, we use technology to streamline our services to make our practice more efficient. In turn, this allows us to deliver results faster and more cost-effectively than our competitors.
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Whatever issue you may be facing, we’re not just your lawyers - we’re your confidant. We’re fully invested in the outcome of your case and work tirelessly to deliver the best results.
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family is important part of your life

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family is important part of your life

At Zivitz Law Group, we are dedicated to helping families build a brighter future. Whatever issue you may be facing, we can help you understand your options and find a path forward. Call or click on the contact form below to schedule a time to discuss your needs and how we can help.


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